Tim's Sample FAA Exam

Tim's Sample FAA Exam

This test will randomly select questions from the pool of questions for the real exam you have to pass to get a US pilots license. The real test is a bit smarter about how it asks questions while this one just picks out a question at random sometimes it will ask the same question twice in a row. There are some questions that this will ask that are not on the real exam but are mostly about things like airships and the recreational license.

On the real exam you have a booklet (FAA Publication FAA-CT-8080-2D) with several charts and pictures in it. Most any book with an sample exam same figure numbers for the same pictures. For an example Figure 4 is an airspeed indicator so if your study book shows an airspeed indicator showing 135 you should have the correct figures. I have attempted to scan a number of figures but some aren't clear enough.

The current questions are for booklet 8080-2D which do have the new weather questions. You can order the current booklet (FAA-CT-8080-2D or ASA-CT-8080-2D) from the US Government bookstore or from ASA for about US$12. The title is "Computerised Testing Supplement for Recreational and Private Pilot" but make sure you get the -2D version. The same figures are found in Jeppeson's as well as Glemm's test books as well as countless others.

You can use real charts for some of the figures. Your local chart shop may give you expired charts that will work fine. The following sectionals will work. You may be able to use the Dallas Terminal area chart if you have it for questions that ask for Figure 26 but the test uses part of the sectional chart.

The test booklet also provides a Sectional Chart Legend (as on the cover of a chart) and Part of the "Sample" section of and Air/Facility Directory along with its entire "Directory Legend" section. These are pages 2,4-10 of a 2001 edition AFD.

If you don't like my test you can try Kip's test

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