I've been playing with the Motorola Canopy broadband wireless radios and since I don't have good roof access at work, I figured I would put it in the window.

The network access point I needed was busy being occupied by our test box but I've got a spare subscriber unit so I'll put it near by. It worked fine behind the AP so I figured I would attenuate the signal a bit using a near by metal box....

I closed the door on the fridge and I get these kind of stats:
LUID: 002 : MAC: 0a-00-3e-f0-0d-0f State: IN SESSION
Software Version : CANOPY 3.1.5 Sep 06 2002 13:31:09
FPGA Version : 09110217
Session Timeout: 29, AirDelay 7
Session Count: 1, Reg Count 1, Re-Reg Count 0
Average RSSI: 2127, Last RSSI: 2183
Average Jitter: 6, Last Jitter: 7


The pictures below show the test setup. The Access point is on top of the green box poing out the window. The PC and voip phone are hooked to the subscriber unit in the fridge. The pictures were transfered to the PC and then shared accross the lan where they were copied to the web server. The voip phone in the picture seems to be happy with the network.

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