Microwave oven energy

Micorwave oven. Pciture by Ken Watson

Test conditions as follows:

Microwave oven label says, in part: "GoldStar model GMS-7040TW. Microwave power generator - Magnetron. Operating frequency 2450 MHz. Maximum output 700W, water-load 275 ml. Normal operating voltage 4.0 Kv." Oven operates on 120 VAC, 60 Hz, rated 1000 Watts input, manufacturing date on label is "September 2005".

Measurement taken at 5 ft. horizontal range from closed oven door using 2.2 dBi vert. polarized omni antenna with estimated -0.2 dB adaptor connection loss. Spectrum analyzer is Anritsu MS2721A, operated on internal battery (isolated from utility power to oven). Noise floor was essentially flat around -80 dBm before start of test.

Test duration: 20 Sec. by oven timer (Max Hold was active). Water load 250 ml. +/- 25 ml. I didn't bother measuring field strength.

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