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Garmin GPS

Garmin GPS GPS40/45 Tour

This is a description of th Garmin GPS45 or GPS40 and what it it does. The photos were taken by Jim Carter's ( and are in JPG format. [Startup Screen (63K)] The Startup screen is display durring self test and durring power down.

[SkyView Screen (63K)] The sky view screen shows what satellites should be visable and in this case none cane be seen. The numbers goto black on white when a SV is locked onto and there are bars at the bottom that show how strong the satelite reception is. In this case #20 is on the horizon toward the soute east while #26 is alomost directly overheard. This also showes the batteries are a little above half full.

[Normal Screen (66K)] This is a typical scrren. It shows the last heading at about 006 degrees. It would fill in the blanks with if it had a position. The last known location is also shown.

[Map Screen (64K)] This shows a map with about 16 miles across the screen. The curve represents the past path and the line is a route.

[Goto (MOB) Screen (64K)] This show a virtual road going to the waypoint. It would also show how long it will take to get there at the current speed if the unit had been moving when this picture was taken.

[Route Screen (65K)] This shows a route.

[Menu  Screen (66K)] This showes the menu options.

[Distance and Sun Calc Screen (66K)] This shows the distance between two points and the sunrise and sunset times (in local time) of the destination point.

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