Rumor has it that the 4 has been found so the 250,000 prize is gone. That means your "60"s are more worthless than they used to be.

So you think you can win a Nintendo 64 with Taco Bell's contest? You might as well give up and bail out because your odds are better by playing your state's lottery.

The trick is simple, collect enough tokens that add up to 64. Seems easy enough till you find out that most tokens are 11,13 or 15 and there is no way those can add up to exactly 64 so you will need a not so common token. The only numbers printed are 4,9,21,44,60. But there is a catch. If you get a rare token then you also can win a better prize.

The way the rules work basically reduce the contest to a luck of a draw and not the more you buy the better your odds kind of contest.

21 wins $250
9 wins $20,000
4 wins $250,000
The official rules also state that not more than 6 N64s will be given away by using the tokens at add up to 64. This makes me think that Nintendo has no real interest in promoting it's product.

About the only way to win a N64 is a instant win.

If figure I ate at Taco Bell too many times finding out this info and I suspect I'll be dining elsewhere for the next few months.

Recently I have found that there are not very many winers. With the odds of winning a food prize of 1 in 8, I suspect I should have talked with at least one person that has won something.

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