Tim's Sendmail virus Patch

Tim's Sendmail virus Patch

This is only for servers that are so overloaded that they are having problems.

If you use this, please email th1234@abnormal.com and let me know. Should there be any problems with this, I will let you know about it at once

Warning! Use of this may result in users not being able to report spam to your abuse@ email address! This patch hasn't been tested well.

This patch is offered as an attempt to help keep your servers running. Once the load slows down, this patch should be removed.

This patch was for 8.12.9 however it will apply to 8.12.10. It should work on 8.12.11 as well. Do not run 8.12.9 and upgrade to at least .10 at once.

A better patch for virus protection is here.

  • Get a copy of the patch:
  • Patch the source
    cp sendmail/collect.c sendmail/collect_pre_patch.c patch < virus_patch
  • run sh ./Build
  • Make config.cf with
    make config.cf
  • Test new config:
    ../../obj*/sendmail/sendmail -v -bs -C ./config.cf
    mail from: me@here.com
    rcpt to: root
  • The connection should end