Stock Spam Scam

Stock SPam Scam

Are you here looking for information about UMSY? Someone involved with the company has been sending out millions of email messages implying that stock is going to go up.

The company claims not to have sent the messages. While they may not have directly sent the messges, I expect that somone related to the comapny is having them sent. That person could be an existing stock holder or someone who worked for the company or a current empolyee.

If your thinking about buying stock advertised by spam, maybe this that I wrote in 2001 will convince you to seek better advice:
Years ago one of the first usenet spams involved a company called Madera International (WOOD). They said their stock price would go up to several dollars a share. I figured the spam might cause a rush on the stock and bought $25 worth and got 400 shares. The current closing price is .00700 a share and is down 92% over the last year. My last statement from my broker claims its worth $2 but I fear thats an overestimate.

What kind of company is this? They were going to make assult rifles in Asia for the US market but some law messed that up. Then they decided to log wood in the Amazon. The last time I saw their web page, they were doing some sort of "sponser a rain forest tree" for $10 gig. One of these days I'll sign over the stock to someone like greenpeace.

In 2005, my stock broker bought me out for $1 after the stock had had $.00 value for a very long time. The SEC has found that Madera International had broken the law.

So don't by stocks from spamers

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