VW Jetta repair info

To work on your VW, you will need the Robert Bentley VW service manual.

I drive an '86 VW Jetta that is now real close to 208,500 miles. It's engine is still in good shape but some items are showing their age. This is inteded to be a spot to hold those hard to find details on fixing your car that seems to be left out of the book. This started out as aan attempt to supliment the Bentley book on repairing the Jetta and it hasn't been fixed much since it was first written about two years ago.

Water Pump details (also includes belts, timing belt and what to do when you mess up the timing)

Seat belt replacement for cars w/o lap belts. (not done yet)

Power Windows (And door leaks) (see Benlty)

Benlty Manual Supplimental details

If you have any questions about these, email me at thogard@abnormal.com

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