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This page is to provide answers to silly questions I get.

So why is my domain called "abnormal.com"? The short answer is that all the cool names were already taken. After picking something good and then finding out it was already taken, a friend of mine and I wrote a program to take every word out of a dictionary and see if it was taken. "Abnormal" was the second on on the list of available domain names.

Many of my friends think (or in some cases, they know) the name fits me.

What is this machines name "not"? A friend sugessted it to fit with abnormal.com but the sparc station was originally "knot" and "not" was a simple alias. Once tacked on to ".abnormal.com", "not" just seem to fit in a warped sort of way. Now the laptop is called knot and the latest addition is called naught.

Most of these machines are behind my absolutely hack proof fire wall (i.e. no network) so you can't get to them unless they have links. Some of them are only there from time to time (like knot) or have nothing on the main page (like naught.)

Other computers in my Domain:

Why the "scum" trend? I'm not sure. Susie named uscum, scumette, scumnet (the network they are on) as well as nowhere. I'm not sure if she was thinking about the computer or me when she named them.

The backgrounds used on my pages are all my art work. I like the maze since it's concept is so close to the web. Can you find your way through the maze? It even has a path when tiled. The background images are 4 color GIF images to allow for compression and quick loading while still allowing readability. No you can't use them unless you ask.

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