Did Mobil's hinder your flying

Did Mobil hinder your flying?

This page is dedicated to all those that are loosing big because of the airplane fuel mix in Australia. A full listing of their press releases can be found here and their first one can be found here.

I just started flying again and am quite surprised at how quickly my skills have dwindled because of missing a few months in the air. I'm not a commercial operator and I don't own my own plane so I'm out of luck with Mobil offer me any assistance.

What Happened

Mobil added too much of a wrong chemical to the 100LL airplane fuel when they mixed it on Melbourne. This fuel is only used in small aircraft which are thousands single engine Cessnas and Pipers. It is not used in larger passenger jets or even the small commuter passenger planes.

In its defense I would like to say that I'm glad Mobil is working with its customers and not try to hide form its responsibilities but it is leaving out most of the little guys. From their web page:

Mobil Oil Australia has established a $15 million program to provide financial hardship support to its aviation customers whose businesses have been affected by the avgas contamination issue and the subsequent CASA Airworthiness Directives. Mobil will manage the program with the assistance of a firm with extensive experience in claims administration. Independent auditors will be involved throughout the process.

What Did I Lose?

I lost some proficiency as a pilot. Myself along with thousands of others have lost a small about of skill because this lack of ability to routinely fly. Flying isn't quite like riding a bicycle, you have to keep doing it or you forget. The concept of thousands of pilots all flying with marginally lower skill level scares me.

What I want

So what am I asking Mobil to do? I want them to help get all pilots up to a skill level at least as high as before they were before this mess up. I would like to see Mobil offer every pilot that was effected a voucher for a discount on flight training. I would like to see them make an honest effort to improve flight safety. I want them to undo the damage they have caused. I want to be compensated for my losses along with every other private pilot in Australia.

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