Usenet Feed Matching

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infact why don't you go here if your looking for a non-spaming peer.

The top 1000 is here

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This is an attempt to match up sites that are willing to feed each other to help usenet traffic flow more consistanatly.

UUnet's Active file.

Postscript document on how news works. [same in PDF].

Soon the scritps to match of feeds will be on line. The nwe groups will be based on people wanting to trade feeds in the following categories:

Note that these lists will be posted from time to time.

Everything below here is old and will go away sometime

How it works

When you enter contract info on the form the data will be put into the databases. There used to be public and private areas but I do not have time to maintain the private database and there was very little need for them.

If you are looking for a feed site you should do a trace route on the sites in the peer and major sites lists. When you find a site that is close network wise, you should send email to the contact address and ask for a feed. The other site may agree to feed your site or may not be able to for some reason. If they don't, continue down the list. Please keep in mind that major sites typiclaly will not feed very small site but prefer to feed other larger sites. If you ask for a feed from a large site, try to justify yourself. You may be able to get a feed from a large site in your region or if you have a need for non-typical groups they might carry.

Use of this system does not obligate you to do anything.

Users looking for a place to read news go into the public area. If your lucky some kind news admin will let you read news on their system.

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There is no way to remove your name from the list at this time other than by sending me email!

If you have any questions about these, email me at