Grob G109B AviaDBM V5.4.9

Known Errors / News - 29th May 2022

  1. Version 5.4.9 has upgrades to GPS_USB and GPS_DBM enabling the import and export of Waypoints and Flight Plans, traditionally known as USR and RTE files, to/from Aera models.
  3. The User Manual has been updated and now comes in two versions, one for Serial Ports and one for USB ports and SD Cards.
  5. Uploads via USB3 ports, both firmware and navdata, have been known to fail. One work-around is to use a USB2 hub. If the failure occurs after the loader is uploaded successfully, you can remove the model from GPS_USB.ini "LoaderModels" list (temporarily) before trying again.
  7. 696 units should be updated using GPS_SDC and an SD Card. Not only is this much faster, but terrain updates fail via USB, and the manufacturer only uses the card method.
  9. Units which get the date wrong after 6th April 2019, typically G95 types, can be corrected by the program released by Garmin 20 years ago but fixes the problem again:
  11. The filenames have changed for Obstacles, AOPA data, and SafeTaxi, which now use a capital letter in the final part, eg: 21B1, 21D1, and 21S1.
  13. Please note that I can only answer questions and/or find faults in the CURRENT version. I do not keep copies of earlier versions, let alone remember any bugs they may have contained.
  15. Users making SD Cards to update G3X and G3XT units should enter the 13 digit hex system ID into the ESN box of the GPS_SDC setup dialog, as the Unit ID is an incorrect conversion to decimal.