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Scuba Diving in Key Largo

Key Largo Florida

Key Largo is a popular tourist area on the north end of the Florida Keys. Its within easy driving distance of Miami so its a common dive destination for tourist visiting there.

The coral is good and the fish life is good as well but it tends to get hit hard from storms. The water is generally clear with good viability.

For a different type of dive, try the mangroves. There is quite a bit of life in them and they are easy to get to. While diving in this area you may find a curious Manatee.

    My ranked list of dive spots:
  1. The Great Barrier reef off the north east cost of Australia
  2. Sharm El Shake Egypt in the Red Sea
  3. Key Largo
  4. Moorea in French Polyneisna
  5. Rottnest Island Western Australia
  6. Tahiti
  7. Port Phillip Bay
  8. Bull Sholes Lake on the Missouri/Arkansas border
  9. Quaries anywhere
  10. Kaw Lake in Oklahoma

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