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Scuba Diving in Sharm-el-Shake

Sharm-el-Shake Egypt

This place is great for coral formation. Because of the total lack of storms that effect the coral here, it can grow much larger than other places. I've seen fan choral here that dwarfed two scuba divers.

The best option here is find a group of people and hire a boat to go north. You may need permits to dive on the Saudi side so avoid that unless you've got all the documents in order.

Like most things is Egypt, there isn't much concern here for the environment or nature. Its just there to be used. The result is may of the new hotels don't have proper sewage systems and the result is they are killing the reef.

When going out on a dive boat, your risking your life. Its typical to hear about a boat that just ran aground or sank. One dive boat I was on sank the next day. It was the third time that captain had lost a boat. Make sure there are enough life jackets on the boat and make sure you know where your BC is. If you have to abandon ship remember to take bottled water with you. It gets hot there.

    My ranked list of dive spots:
  1. The Great Barrier reef off the north east cost of Australia
  2. Sharm El Shake Egypt in the Red Sea
  3. Key Largo
  4. Moorea in French Polyneisna
  5. Rottnest Island Western Australia
  6. Tahiti
  7. Port Phillip Bay
  8. Bull Sholes Lake on the Missouri/Arkansas border
  9. Quaries anywhere
  10. Kaw Lake in Oklahoma

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